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typed earlier, livejournal was dead

so i got a call from starbucks.
i put in an application a few weeks ago and they called back!
the guy sounded really cool, and was like soo whats up. etc. it was more like talking to a friend than to a future manager.

i have my interview tomorrow at 5:00.
i have to go to walmart tonight to find something to wear. or to target after work.
if i get this job i need to let the Black eyed pea know that im going to have to put my 2 weeks in.
reason: need more paychecks!! with bigger amounts. its getting harder and harder to live off of tips.

today we went around by bus downtown. jets to brazil tickets arent on sale yet. but we got our alkaline trio tickets.
kelly got his first credit card. im so proud.
we finally went to see xmen 2 again.
mmm just as awesome as the first time.

well that is all


Apr. 30th, 2003

so last night martins woman came over and picked him up. she likes to have company to go to her AA meetings with. she got a DWI. shes cute. and nice. and martin cant stop talking about her.
when he got home we watched some tv.
we started watching the secretary. but it wasnt what kelly expected so they turned it off! i was watching it tho, and liking it. he said he would rent it again.
then we watched about a boy.
then i went to bed.
i stayed up pretty late.

well im off to work now...
tonight doug and laura come to town. and tomorrow is lease signing.
kelly needs to call mom and dad. we are poor :(

today was fun.
we went to the townlake animal center with martin. he liked this cat. and we all did
she was so cute.
martin already named her vanessa and we would call her nessi.

she was being sooo playful and knocking her food over and jumping into her litter box and getting all wet in her waterbowl. i want her :/
i really wish we could get her.
moreCollapse )
we went over to the little league fields and watched part of a game. i got a blue coconut snowcone and saw lots of caterpillars.
caterpillarCollapse )
jenny lewis is the same girl from troop beverly hills
im in shock.

today we didnt do much. we visited michelle, harley and cathy.
ate some cicis.
went to katy mills
and the galleria
and...that was about it

the new urban outfitters in the galleria is pretty cool.


we are watching the clerks animated series.

tomorrow is zoo day.

Apr. 24th, 2003

so yesterday was fun,
we went to tacobell.
then memorial city mall to visit LINDSAY and MISSY! it was great. :)
torrid is such a great store. cute too.
its sad what memorial city has become. i remember just sitting in the normal looking mall eating chickfila and watching the shannon's boys for 7 hours with lyn. aw mike. :(
after that we made a quick trip to value village and picked up a few records.
we made our way back to katy and stopped by at the bank. got some cash. ya know
then to hobby lobby to get parts to make a record clock.
oo! we rented license to drive! ya know, the coreys
anyways then we went and picked up kim. and off to soundwaves.
and sound exchange.
we picked up the perfect 7 inch for the clock. texasisthereason/promisering split.
59 diner was fun. we didnt get to do photobooth pics cuz we discovered that we left the check card in the atm at the bank.
we rushed to katy and blah it wasnt there.
oh well.. i called the bank this morning and they still have it! :) yay
so today is going to be fun, just we dont know what to do yet.
ikea? cicis? who knows.


day 1 in katy....

well im sitting in my old room. its not much of my old room. my brother turned it astray. they got a new computer and its in my room. its kinda weird. and very loud.
its almost noon.
i should go hop into the shower soon, we are going to have a pretty big day.
whats the weather like ehh it doesnt look too bad for zoo-ness..

ugh they raised the prices

tomorrow is 59 diner day with kimmieeeee! <3

alright well..
today after lots of car fixing we went over to brazosport college and tried to sell back a book. it was a nope.
so we went into the natural science thingie and saw a dinosaur and played with stuff
i got a tricerotops necklace for only 1.25 seriously its hott.
mmm jelly beans
well.. we are going to go up to the attic and have fun
its yucky outside. i hope its prettier tomorrow.

we are going to go to my house tonight.
its my daddys birthday, the big 41 i think.

me and kelly are going to make record clocks. fo' real.